A couple Locke Lamora quotes

Maybe you need to know the characters to truly appreciate.

From The Lies of Locke Lamora:

“Bug,” Calo said, “Locke is like a brother to us, and our love for him has no bounds. But the four most fatal words in the Therin language are ‘Locke would appreciate it.’”

“Rivaled only by ‘Locke taught me a new trick,’” added Galdo.

And from Red Seas Under Red Skies:

“What? How dare I contemplate what you were going to do to me? You self-righteous strutting cock, I’ll–”

“What?” shouted Jean.

”–I’ll throw myself at you, and you’ll beat the shit out of me,” said Locke. “And then you’ll feel awful! How about that, huh?”